Bad Hair Care Habits to Break Today!

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While there are some features of our hair that are totally out of our control, such as how long our hair takes to grow, how thick it is, and how frizzy our natural curls are, there are still plenty of features we can control to ensure that our hair looks its best. All it comes down to is handling and caring for your hair correctly, and breaking the following bad hair care habits…

Over Washing

Over washing your locks can actually result in oily hair because washing too much can strip away all of your hair’s natural oils. These oils protect and nourish your hair and can go into overload if you wash too frequently. Try to wash your hair only when absolutely necessary and keep your locks wearable in between washes by using dry shampoo or rinsing your hair in plain water.

Mistreating Wet Hair

Hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet, so if you roughly dry your hair after washing or brush your hair when it’s wet then you’ll not only be damaging your delicate hair strands, you could also cause your hair to frizz or break off. Always gently pat your hair dry with a soft towel and only ever use a comb when your hair is wet.

Using the Wrong Hair Products

If the hair products you are using are not made for your hair type and condition, such as light products forfine hair, or hydrating products for dry hair, then it’s likely that your hair doesn’t have the chance to be as good as it can be. The wrong products can make your hair frizzy, oily, limp and all-round hard to control and manage, whereas the right hair products will work with your hair to make sure it’s nourished, easy to handle and style and will look good even if all you’ve done is brushed it and walked out the door. Always buy and apply for your hair type and reap the rewards!

Not Giving Your Hair Some Regular TLC

Even the busiest person has time to add a hair mask at least once a month. And if you don’t have time during the day then you can always buy an overnight treatment and treat your locks while you sleep! Regularly pampering your hair will promote hair shine, prevent split ends and combat dryness (just to name a few benefits), so it’s definitely worth the 15 minutes it takes to smooth on a hair treatment and give your strands some tender loving care.

Not Detoxing Your Locks

If you’re a regular user of hair products and you don’t wash with a detox shampoo at least once a week (once a month if shampoo and conditioner is as fancy as your product use gets), then the residue of all those hair products will build up in your hair strands and cause your hair to become dull and lifeless. A detox shampoo will wash out that residue and restore balance to your hair and natural oils, so make sure to buy some and keep it in your bathroom.

Not Protecting Your Strands

A big cause of hair dryness and breakage is a direct result from heat styling with blow-dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, and exposure to the sun. There are lots of heat protection products available today that you can add to your hair before styling or stepping out into the elements, so make use of them and get into the good habit of protecting your hair every day.


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